Enhancing Performance

 Enhancing Performance Understanding Sports Performance In an evenly matched game, once engaged, the main thing that differentiates great athletes is their ability to remain focused on their goal during the course of the activity. We often see that it isn’t necessarily the most talented athletes who win. Being aware of anything that gets in the… Read more

How and when should praise be given?


In my article about parenting in sport, it was concluded parents should support, praise and encourage their child’s involvement in sport. What failed to be detailed however, is when praise should be given and where it should be directed. Therefore I shall attempt to answer these questions in the current article. It was once widely… Read more

The Influence of Parents in Youth Sport


We’ve all seen that one parent on the sideline, shouting out inappropriate comments at the top of their voice that are not only directed at their own child, but often at their teammates, teachers or coaches and the referee. How much does this behaviour influence the sporting experience of their child? How much should the… Read more

Parental Involvement in Sport


As a football coach you are always looking at ways to improve the performance of your players and maintain the highest level of coaching. I would like to put forward a proposal of how parental involvement can be encouraged in football. Cote (1999), found that children who become experts before the age of eight are involved… Read more

Parenting in Sport


The role of parents in youth sport has recently been thrown into the media limelight following Gary Lineker’s article for the Newstatesman. He apportions part of the blame for England’s lack of international footballing success to a negative culture at grass roots level, specifically involving “pushy parents”. It is Lineker’s belief that this culture; a… Read more