Anti-doping in youth sport: what you need to know

#479283999 /   Most parents are very careful about what medicines or supplement they give their children, especially as we all become so more conscious about what we put in our bodies. The level of scrutiny becomes increasingly important when your child gets to a level in their sport when they have to make… Read more

Drugs in sport by Sharron Davies MBE


Sadly for me drugs have played a big part in my sporting history, having been beaten by East German swimmers to every major title, so it will come as no surprise that I am very anti any drug use and for strong deterrents or ideally a life time ban. The ridiculous two year ban we… Read more

Palpitations: No Cause for Concern, but ask advice


Heart palpitations are common in athletes and are usually felt as a regular pounding or racing of the heart in the chest, throat, and/or neck. Some athletes describe it as the heart stopping and then restarting, or a rapid fluttering. Many of the causes are innocent but some require further specialist investigations. The heart normally… Read more

Sports Injuries – a quick guide


The human body has amazing powers to heal itself. Sports injuries are no exception to this rule , many sports injuries occur through overuse, poor technique or poor training. Here follows a few sports injuries and how best to manage them for yourselves Achilles tendonosis Most Achilles injuries are overuse injuries, tendons can get swollen… Read more

The Female Athlete Triad: Disordered Eating, Amenorrhoea and Osteoporosis


The female athlete often feels pressure to fit a specific athletic image in order to reach her performance goals. She may control her weight and may develop a pattern of disordered eating. This disordered eating may lead to menstrual dysfunction and resultant amenorrhoea or oligomenorrhoea leading to premature bone mineral density loss; osteoporosis. The incidence… Read more