Nutrition for young athletes


There’s no doubt that what young athletes eat affects their health as well as their performance in sport. If they eat a poor quality diet then they not only risk illness but they will not be able to train and compete to the best of their ability Eating the right type of food and drinking… Read more

Hydration for young athletes


It is impossible for young athletes children (and adults!) to perform at their best when they are dehydrated. Even small degrees of dehydration can cause a drop in performance and make them feel unwell. If the warning signs of dehydration are ignored, youngsters can overheat rapidly and develop more severe symptoms that could result in… Read more

How to gain weight


Anita Bean BSc R.Nutr One of the most common questions I get asked by parents is how can they help their swimmer gain weight. Understandably, many become concerned when their child looks underweight compared with their peers or struggles to keep their weight up. This is a very common scenario around puberty when children grow… Read more