I Love Watching You Play

Changing the game in youth sports: John O’Sullivan at TEDxBend  John O’Sullivan is a former U.S soccer player and coach who has spent almost 3 decades involved in the sport.  After working as a youth coach for the Portland Timbers, O’Sullivan created the ‘Changing the Game’ project, its mission being to look at the competitive… Read more

From the Parent’s Point of View: Mark Hill

Youth football in England is changing. From facilities to pitch sizes to player needs, the Football Association (FA) overhauled its approach in 2012 following their youth development review. As well as the major changes such as reducing the number of players on teams, age appropriate pitch sizes and laws of the game (roll-ins and a… Read more

Coaching Children: Positive development in and through sport


What do coaches do? Coaching has traditionally been seen as an activity whose only objective was to improve someone’s athletic prowess. From this perspective then, a coach simply gets a participant to ‘run like Bolt’,‘bend it like Beckham’, ‘jump like Ennis’ or ‘smash it like Murray’. As a result of this long-established interpretation of coaching, we,… Read more

How to Assist a Coach at Your Child’s Sports Session

Why be a coaching assistant? When we questioned children and their coaches on parental involvement in sessions, this was generally welcomed, as long as the involvement was appropriate. Children’s responses indicated that they’d welcome doing different things with their parents and would like to share more experiences with them. Many children said they liked it when their parents and other family members… Read more