Anti-doping in youth sport: what you need to know


Most parents are very careful about what medicines or supplement they give their children, especially as we all become so more conscious about what we put in our bodies. The level of scrutiny becomes increasingly important when your child gets to a level in their sport when they have to make themselves available for testing by their Governing body.

Any athlete entering a competition, or named as a member of a team participating in a competition, at any level within the UK, is eligible for testing as part of UKAD’s national anti-doping programme, including under 18’s. So it does mean that you have to start checking what is in over the counter medicine’s, such as Lemsip. Whilst this might sound a bit daunting, there’s lots of support out there to help you and if it means your child is competing against other clean athletes, then it is a something worth supporting. For more information on UKAD’s anti-doping programme visit

Read Drugs in Sport by Sharron Davies MBE to see how drugs have impacted her sporting history and shaped her views as a parent.

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