Coaching Children: Positive development in and through sport


What do coaches do? Coaching has traditionally been seen as an activity whose only objective was to improve someone’s athletic prowess. From this perspective then, a coach simply gets a participant to ‘run like Bolt’,‘bend it like Beckham’, ‘jump like Ennis’ or ‘smash it like Murray’. As a result of this long-established interpretation of coaching, we,… Read more

How to Assist a Coach at Your Child’s Sports Session

Why be a coaching assistant? When we questioned children and their coaches on parental involvement in sessions, this was generally welcomed, as long as the involvement was appropriate. Children’s responses indicated that they’d welcome doing different things with their parents and would like to share more experiences with them. Many children said they liked it when their parents and other family members… Read more

Parents4Sport talks to…Annabel Croft


Did you choose your sport or did your parents choose it for you? I Chose my sport, tennis, as I discovered it while on a family holiday in Spain and fell in love with it and wanted to join a club when I got home to the UK. I have never stopped being in love… Read more

Sport in school: What will the new curriculum bring?

Nobody can deny the educational benefits of children doing sport, but what sport do your children actually get to do at school? How often do they have PE lessons, what do these involve and what about the changes to the National Curriculum? Changes and improvements are often seen in a number of areas of a… Read more

Talent ID Schemes: producing outstanding athletes

Talent ID Schemes are the buzzword in high performance british sport. Designated pathways to identify talented individuals and nurture them through to olympic glory have been producing a number of olympic and paralympic champions for team GB. However the idea of talent ID is nothing new, in fact it seems increasingly similar to PE lessons,… Read more

Why I love sport

I was incredibly fortunate and played badminton professionally. I travelled the world, competed in major tournaments and won a few medals doing so. If I had told my teachers at 16 years old that I was going to be a professional sportswoman, they would have laughed at me. Now, that option is taken seriously. I… Read more

Get involved in the 2014 London Youth Games


The Balfour Beatty London Youth Games is Europe’s largest annual youth sports event and offers an incredible sporting experience to all young Londoners aged 8-18. Over 100,000 young people take part in the event every year representing one of 33 London borough teams across 30 sports from archery to sailing to weightlifting. The event season… Read more

Anti-doping in youth sport: what you need to know

#479283999 /   Most parents are very careful about what medicines or supplement they give their children, especially as we all become so more conscious about what we put in our bodies. The level of scrutiny becomes increasingly important when your child gets to a level in their sport when they have to make… Read more