Parents4Sport talks to…Denise Lewis


We talked to Denise Lewis OBE – Olympic Heptathlon Gold medalist to ask her what it was like for her when he started out in sport…

Did you choose your sport or did your parents choose it for you?

No, I absolutely chose my sport. I watched athletics, I loved it at school so for me it was a natural progression.

How did you balance your school work and training?

For me it was challenging. I had to travel about and hour and a half to my training venue, my mum didn’t drive so I had to take the train and bus. So I’d get back home at sometimes, 8:30-9 o’clock at night and then I’d have to sit and do my homework.Sometimes I’d get tired so I really found it difficult.

With all of your experience, what would you do with your own children? What would you do differently?

Through my own experiences I feel that it’s important to let your children find what they want to do and to choose their own sports.But at the same time, with the experience I’ve had I also feel I should be guiding them.

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